About Us

We are a full time professional pet sitting service. We are not a teenager in the neighborhood, a friend, relative or neighbor. You hire us to provide professional pet care and expect us to treat your pets just as you would treat them, and that is exactly what we do.

Because you travel at your schedule not ours, we are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year including holidays. You want to know that we will be there to care for your pets no matter what!

When we started this service out of love and care for animals, we decided that it needed to be done right and done professionally. We also decided to keep the business manageable so that we did not spread ourselves too thin and risk lowering the quality of care that we provide.

Due to the influence of a special person, Bob gradually entered the world of pet care several years ago. After spending over 35 years in various executive corporate positions, Bob brought those business skills together with a love for animals to help build one of Birmingham’s premier pet care services. We now enjoy and are thankful for a solid base of clients that have been trusting us with the care of their pets for over seven years.

One of the things that sets Bob The BIG DOG apart from other services is our professional staff that allows us to keep our commitments to you without spreading ourselves too thin. It also allows for us to have back up for those times when we have to deal with emergencies with pets or other unforseen event. Not to mention that it allows us all to have some time off to recharge and enjoy life.

Like any good business, you must have contingency planning. That is one of the reasons we have three people on staff that are all trained to care for your pets. In addition to Bob, we have two other pet care professionals: